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Zambala Bulk Incense Powder
Zambala's incense is formulated according to the Ancient Tibetan Scriptures. Perfect for meditation and relaxing, it soothes your body, calms your mind and stimulates your spirits. The nectar in the incense is blessed with sacred prayers for over 49 days by the Renowned Tibetan Masters. 100% pure and natural herbal incense.
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Zambala Kurukulle Incense Powder KURUKULLE INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will receive the power of winning over men and gods and will be able to stay in the blessed light of the Goddess Kurukulle. It will remove all kinds of obstacles and you will gain power and prestige; perfectly absorbing all the relations, bringing familial harmony, perfecting outside relations and fulfilling our wishes.

100 grams
300 grams (shown)
Zambala Manjushree Incense Powder

MANJUSHREE INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will receive protection from the Deity and all the Protectors. Blessed by the powerful light of wisdom, one will be able to remove all obstacles, attain the power of a sharp and tranquil mind, subdue all the fears and perfect one's wishes.

100 grams
300 grams (shown)
Zambala Incense Powder

ZAMBALA INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will be able to accumulate merits of wealth and receive protection from the Deities of Wealth and the Protectors; be able to stay in the blessed light of the Deity. It will also remove all obstacles and expand one's wealth without any worldly shortcomings and fulfill one's wishes.

100 grams
300 grams (shown)
Zambala Green Tara Incense Powder GREEN TARA INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will receive protection from the Green Tara and the Protector Deities, satisfying all the beings whom we owe in our pervious lives. It will bring fulfillment of wishes, the overcoming of all obstacles and disasters, letting our inner power brighten, increasing positive merits, obtaining riches and auspiciousness. It will also bring wealth and all our wishes will come true naturally.
75 grams
300 grams (shown)
Zambala Medicine Buddha Incense Powder

MEDICINE BUDDHA INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will receive the power of all the Buddhas of Medicine and all the Protector Deities which will subdue physical and mental diseases, allowing our inner power to brighten; smoothly fulfilling all the worldly and the liberation wishes.

100 grams
300 grams (shown)
Zambala Vajrakilaya Incense Powder

VAJRAKILAYA INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will be protected by the power of the Wrathful Deity, Vajrakilaya, and stay in the natural light, removing all obstacles and disaster, inauspiciousness of nature, the local evil spirits, and other obscurations.

75 grams
Gesar Purifying Incense Powder

GESAR (VICTORY) INCENSE POWDER: If an offering is made by burning this incense, one will be able to accumulate the merits of wealth and receive protection from the Deities of Wealth and the Protectors; be able to stay in the blessed light of the Deity to remove all obstacles, expand one's wealth without any worldly shortcoming and fulfill one's wishes.

100 grams
Zambala Tibetan Purging Incense Powder
TIBETAN PURGING INCENSE POWDER: This incense has been manufactured under the guidance of Master Lobsang Gelek, the national level incense maker of Tibet, in accordance with Guru Padmasambhava’s scripture of Defilement Removing Incense of Blue Water God. It has been prepared meticulously by following various guidebooks relating to obstacle remover incense from all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and the essence of incense to open up five mandalas of central channel. Furthermore, this incense contains various invaluable incense ingredients such as white / red sandalwood, saffron, cardamom, clove, bezoar, and other strictly selected materials. It even incorporates the nectars of all the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. After it’s manufacture, this incense has been subsequently blessed at the grand prayer ceremony of all the wrathful deities for 49 days, blessed for eternity for this incense to have power similar to that of all the wrathful deities and at the same time, the power to cleanse various environments, hospitals, graveyards, etc. of all the impurities and epidemics, thereby warding off all kinds of obstacles in life to bring lasting peace and longevity at home. Possessing all these wonderful merits, this is indeed a very auspicious and precious incense.
Tibetan Purging Incense Powder - 75 grams
Zambala Purifying Incense PowderTIBETAN PURIFYING INCENSE POWDER: A ‘Sur’ offering is a Tibetan Buddhist practice in which a mixture of flour, sweets, dairy products and aromatic substances are consecrated and then offered to a fire, or burned as incense each day in the evening. The resulting fragrant smoke is offered to the objects of refuge and shared with all sentient beings. This is especially important if one has a business, one’s business will increase if offerings are made daily. This offering incense is specially blended to remove karmic debts from past lives in regards to money and to appease the local spirits so they will not create interferences.The ‘Sur’ offering can be used when a relative or friend passed away, especially during the 1st 49 days; it is also done when there is uncomfortable energy (or spirits) in one’s house. This ready made Purifying incense powder is the perfect 'Sur" offering made due to the request of many practitioners and blessed by many high lamas.
100 grams
600 grams (shown)
Incense Powder cone makers

CONE MAKERS: Useful little tool for mounding incense powder for burning! Simply fill the mold and gently invert onto a plate or bed of ash. Makes incense powder burning easy and efficient.

Molds stand 3" tall, with a convenient 'finger-hold' on top. Inside mold measurements are 1.75" deep and 1.50" wide. Available in four different colors.

White Cone Maker
Blue Cone Maker
Yellow Cone Maker
Red Cone Maker
Zambala Good Fortune Incense - 16" sticks!
NEW!!TIBETAN GOOD FORTUNE INCENSE - 16" sticks!: Tibetan Incense for Good Fortune is a very unique incense made primarily from Ganden sweet-grass which grows naturally around the sacred Ganden Monastery, founded by the great master Tsongkhapa. As Ganden sweet-grass grows around this consecrated place, it is supposed to possess remarkable blessing powers and special virtues for curing various kinds of sickness, relaxing one's pulse and getting rid of insanity to make one wiser. It has been the principal ingredient in the making of the finest incenses since ancient times in this region of snow-mountains. Although Ganden sweet-grass is the chief raw material, this exclusive incense also contains 25 kinds of precious and meticulously selected incense materials such as gum benzoin, musk, menthol, spikenard Indian (Jatamansi), rosewood, etc., plus medicines, nectars pills, etc. which are inherited from all the four major Tibetan Buddhist sects. Following it's preparation, the incense is further blessed through special puja ceremonies initiated by Rinpoches from all the four sects , thus making it the most ideal incense for offering to the Three Jewels and Three Fundamentals.

Tibet Incense for Good Fortune is specially blessed by all the four major Tibetan Buddhist sects. With this incense lighted and worshiped, it will illuminate the world wherever its fragrance dissipates; it will overcome our sickness and exonerate all our bad luck. It will begin to light up our spirit, strengthen our fortunes, and eliminate all adversities. With special guidance and protection from the guardians of the three fundamental and deities of all the four sects, one will eventually cultivate immense merits and live with everlasting prosperity.

Special merits of Tibetan Incense for Good Fortune are as follows : 1. Alter one's destiny. 2. Cleanse all kinds of impurities. 3. Exorcise evil and foul domains. 4. Prevail over obstacles caused by bad feng shui. 5. Adamantine realms. 6. Ward off evil spirits. 7. Gain protection of all the guardian spirits. 8. Open the central channel. 9. Gain religious merits. 10. Facilitate rebirth in Buddha realm.

Tibetan Good Fortune Incense - 16" sticks
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